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In order to accomplish the IPO process, the Board of Director wishes to announcethat Land Unit (LU) with multi-accounts under same name (as stated in ID/IC/PASSPORT) will beconsolidated into One Account commencing 15/2/2018. The process of information collection is estimated to take 3 months from 15/2/18 to31/5/18. During this interim period ofConsolidation, the Land Unit (LU) website will remain accessible but NO Viewingor transact of units allowed. Thus,investors are reminded to update their personal details. Should there have any incomplete orinaccurate information, kindly fill in the consolidation form and submit to any of our branch offices. After31/5/2018, the company will consolidate base on the latest data updated in the system. Those investors having same name with same ID number will be consolidated into ONE ACCOUNT.

1st Phraseof Consolidation period (15/2/2018 - 31/5/2018) During the consolidation process, LU unit will maintain it’s increment of USD0.025 perweek. NormalWallet : During Consolidation period, all matching bonuses will be distributed as usual and thefunds in the wallet will able to transacted as usual during the 15/2/18 –31/5/18. ResortPackage : If there is any unmatured Packages during the consolidation period, the systemwill continue to pay dividends at the same ratio of 80:20. They will also bemerged into the same account. Upon preparation for the 2nd phrase of Consolidation Process, the account will freeze, thus the withdrawals will onlybe available after 2nd phrase of consolidation has completed.

2nd Phraseof Consolidation Period (1/6/2018 – 30/9/18) Thesystem will be closed for approximate 3 months for data consolidation.

Once all LU accounts are consolidated by individual’s name and ID into One account,investors can transact the equity units and the process of withdrawal as usual. LU value will continue to grow until 31/12/2018. Then it will be converted into Golden Unit (GU) based on the actualvalue conversion. The process is expected to take one month. Investor can choose to exchange or early surrender for all the LU units, details will beannounce after 31/12/18. After completion of consolidation & merging of all 3 platforms (PDU/MU/LU) into GOLDEN UNITS (GU), our consultant company will review and audit GU’s value andprepare for the conversion of unit to actual Initial Share for IPO. The company will announce further details after the Final Consolidation. Multiple Accounts consolidation is a necessary procedure in the journey towards clarity and excellence. Account holders will be able to have an overview in One Single Account and have better management of their own account. The Company sincerely appreciates your continued support for the past 6 years. Upon completion of account consolidation, the Company is definitely moving a BIGSTEP towards our goal to IPO. TheManagement would like to thank you foryour patience and co-operation.


为了陪集团迈向上市的脚步,集团在此宣布生意伙伴们期待已久的户口整合行动将在来临的15/2/2018 开始进行,集团将对旗下投资项目土地单位LU进行户口整合。 资料收集工作预计需要3个月的时间,在进行整合期间,土地单位LU的网站将如常开放但不能查阅的价值及进行购买和挂卖 公司将从15/2/2018 – 31/5/2018开放,伙伴更新所拥有的户口资料,请检查现有户口的资料,若资料不完整或有错误,请即刻前往公司办事处索取整合表格填写后进行更新。 31/5/2018之后公司将根据系统里的资料进行配对整合,拥有相同姓名和身份证号码的户口会被整合在一起。
整合/资料更新期间 (15/2/2018 – 31/5/2018)
土地单位LU(Normal Wallet) 整合期间,所有配套的红利将如常派发, 伙伴可如常转让和提款。 配套 整合期间若户口还有未到期的种植配套将会被整合至同一个户口,系统将持续以同样80:20的方式派发红利至伙伴的户口. 伙伴在整合完成后,就能登陆网站向领袖/公司进行提款。

31/5/2018之后 系统将会关闭3个月,进行资料合并。 整合完成 在整合完成后,所有持有LU的户口都将根据姓名及身份证整合起来。伙伴可继续对原始单位进行购买或销售。并可如常对公司进行提款。 LU将持续增长至31/12/2018后。会以价值兑换的方式转换为GU。过程预计需要一个月的时间。 伙伴可选择转换或选择提前结束持有土地单位,细节将会在31/12/2018再行公布 整合完成之后GU上市顾问公司将审核GU价值并拟定原始股交换模式。公司将会在模式完成拟定之后才公布详细情形。

户口整合行动是公司迈向企业化的一个必须的步骤,完成后生意伙伴将能更清楚的了解到自己所拥有的单位价值也更容易的管理。 公司在此感谢各位五年来的付出及支持,在整合LU项目是公司迈向上市必须完成的项目。 谢谢各位的体谅。

注: 此通告仅对以下用户: 土地单位LU 1) 多个户口将被整合成为一个户口,种植发展单位,钱包余额,未到期的配套将会被合并在一个户口里。

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