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Golden Farm Group Corporation Reorganization
Progress Risk Assessment Announcement
Date: 03/08/2018

Re : GF201881

To : All Members of Golden Farm Group

Since the establishment of Golden Farm Group, its influence on the market and the availability of its products in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong have been increasing year by year. This influence on the market includes the dragon fruit plantation and growing of other crops, the setting up of factories, the bringing in of latest equipment, the carrying out of the complete processing and the sales of dragon fruit, and the improvement in the reputation of dragon fruit enzyme. These achievements are the result of continued strong support from all the Members. We have acknowledged and we wish to thank you again!

Golden Farm Group has now entered into a stage of rapid development and company reorganization. This has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors and accordingly a Restructuring Committee has been appointed and at the same time, Chen En Investment Pte. Ltd., a Singapore Investment and Consultant Firm, has been engaged to assist the Restructuring Committee who has been empowered with the responsibility within the next 12 months for formulating the whole Group's restructuring, its Entity & Equity format, business operations, cash flow and funds management, debt restructuring, and last, but not least, listing direction including the listing strategy, etc. We hereby notify and seek all the Members’ kind understanding during these 12 months restructuring periods to wait for further information and announcement. We shall continue to co-operate with all Parties including the Major Shareholders, the Founding Members etc. to communicate and promote the development of the Company and its business as well as in the course of safeguarding both the mutual interest of the Company and the Members.

Best regards,

Reorganization Committee


日期 03/08/2018

编号 : GF201881





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